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Adhd Homework Interventions

Terry is a 10-year-old student of average intelligence with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He was recently diagnosed as ADHD by his pediatrician because of his excessive activity, impulsivity, and attention problems. Like most students with ADHD, Terry is in a general education class and is not receiving any special services. Terry's teacher, Mrs. Smith, has noticed that in addition to his activity, impulsivity, and attention problems, Terry never seems to have his pencil, paper, or books. Her drawer of extra pencils and paper has been depleted and she has given him two copies of every book. Mrs. Smith has also observed that he often does not turn in his homework. Terry does well on yearly achievement tests, but, because he is not turning in his daily homework assignments, he will fail in many subjects. In a recent parent-teacher conference, his mother indicated that Terry usually does do his homework at home because she checks it when he's done. However, when Mrs. Smith asked Terry's mother how he was progressing on a book report that was due the next day, his mother replied, “What book report?”

This practical manual gives you evidence-based interventions for students who struggle with organization, time management, and planning skills. You’ll get session by session instructions including a CD-ROM with printable forms, to help students achieve their full academic potential. This method is highly effective at improving organization skills, decreasing homework problems, raising grade point averages, and creating long-term successes.

With this practical manual you will:

• Learn to successfully implement organization skills interventions

• Follow step-by-step directions for teaching and reinforcing key skills

• Adapt interventions to individual student’s needs or use in a classroom setting

• Use the program to help students with ADHD and problems with executive functioning

• Get guidance on what to do when a student isn’t responding

• PLUS! Save time with the CD-ROM of reusable forms and letters

“Having a preexisting research-based program that can be tailored to the needs of any student has saved me hours of intervention planning time.”

Virginia Witte, School Psychologist

Oak Hills School District, OH

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Author: Joshua M. Langberg, PhD

Number of pages:    112

Date published:    2011

ISBN:    978 0 932955-62-3

As a companion to this book, the session"Practical Strategies for Improving Organization, Homework, and Time-Management Skills in Students with ADHD", presented by Dr. Langberg, is also available.

Also valuable for:

• Counselors

• Teachers

• Social Workers