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Kudler Fine Foods Term Paper

Kudler Fine Foods Integrated Network Design Project Network’s fundamental characteristics and network componentsThe company I chose to do my paper on is Kudler Fine Foods they have three different locations the home office is La Jolla, a Del Mar store, and the Encinitas store on their network that are interconnected on a WAN through a T3 line. The La Jolla stores network is built around a 100baseT environment the main server is an IBM blade server system C3000 that uses UNIX, and backed up with a10TB NAS, and 5KVA APD UPS that provides power backup. This server runs the corporate SAP ERP SW, the network services, e-mail, storage control, printer/file services, and the Internet. The retail store uses NCR Real POS 82XRT POS terminals and systems. At this time they have 19 Dell Vostro computers that share 3 HP networked printers these components are used by corporate management and other admin personnel. The communication that comes in or out of the La Jolla store runs through 2 cisco routers, and firewalls they help to provide an inter-store dedicated network and a separate 25Mbps link to the Ethernet. This location also has 19 VOIP phones. Del Mar and Encinitas Store Networks both are basically the same as the La Jolla store the only differences are they both have 6 Dell Vostro computers with 1 HP laser jet multifunction networked printer, and 6 VOIP phones per store (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). These networks allow the sharing of resources and make it cheaper to set up the network and save on costs. The networked computers can share centralized key computer programs such as inventory spreadsheets, or a customer’s information this allows users to have the same program so he or she can work on the program simultaneously. Additionally, the network supports automated unattended backup of contents and valuables that make it easy to backup essential files without wasting time. Use of Ethernet in KFF ensures that computers listen to the

Shopper Rewards Program Highest Threats The first order of analyzing the security behind the new Rewards program is to acknowledge the top threats that Kudler Fine Foods faces in implementing such a program. These threats are listed in the below table which first outlines the area of the database that will hold the secure data, then states what the threat is of allowing unauthorized access to this data, and finally describes how the vulnerability could be exploited. Area Of System Threat Potential Vulnerability Customer Data Personal customer data is viewable to public or those unauthorized. Unauthorized individuals know customer’s addresses, phone numbers and other home data and can use it to harass. Also, unauthorized third-party marketers can solicit spam to the customer. Kudler ID Customer’s unique Kudler ID is viewable to public or those unauthorized. Unauthorized individuals know customer’s unique Kudler Fine Foods ID and can use it to skew purchase history or use Rewards points. Customer Account Customer’s personal account/banking data is viewable to public or those unauthorized. Unauthorized individuals know customer’s credit card and/or banking information, can make fraudulent transactions. Encryption/Data Security If data is unencrypted, all transaction processes within Kudler Fine Foods can be made publicly visible. An intruder accesses the secured network, easily views all unencrypted customer and business information. Network Security External threats gaining access to the database. If the database is on a network that accesses the public internet, it can be susceptible to hackers. Purchase History Table Customer’s purchase history is viewable to Unauthorized third-party marketers can solicit